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By One Body: Sense of Belonging

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Bro Dom Soriano

"Humans are social species and we rely on connections to survive."
"Human beings are made to connect with other humans, it is essential not only to our thriving but to our very surviving."

- Amelia Franck Meyer

The body is a unit, thought it is made up of many parts; and though all it's parts are many, they form one body, and it is with Christ. It is with Christ. For we are all baptized by one spirit into one body - whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free.

Abraham Maslow in his hierarchy of needs VS Matthew Lieberman in his hierarchy of needs:

A psychologist, Abraham Maslow in his hierarchy of needs suggested that these physical needs are

the most basic, and other needs only become relevant when these needs have been met.

But Matthew Lieberman, a neurosurgeon, said that "Maslow had it wrong. If you're a mammal, what you need more than anything to survive is social connection. Because mammals are born immature, incapable of taking care of themselves." Therefore, the very basic needs of a human is his Social Needs.

Test about social pain is more than just a metaphor:


"a lack of belonging cannot only have significant psychological consequences such as loneliness, depression, and anxiety. It can actually impact a person's IQ test performance."

- - Prof. Gregory Walton (Stanford Prof)

Therefore, No man shall live to himself!

There should be no division (schism) in the body (v25)

Nehemiah and David and Daniel and the other prophets showed no sign of dissociating themselves from Israel, no matter how wayward their brethren became. These men had learned the Bible doctrine of the One Body long before Paul articulated it. They lived fully Paul's exhortation in 1Cor 13.

"Stop asking what your ecclesia can do for you; Start asking what you can do for your ecclesia!

George's thesis:
to constitute a body, each member must commit to belonging to each other. This principle has wider application than just settling 'fellowship' issues. Commitment to belonging to one worldwide community undergirds all our cooperative service, mutual edification, and outreach. On these two principles -- BELIEF and BELONGING -- hang the integrity of the body of Christ."
Being part of a group of people, a culture, or living in a physical place isn’t what creates a sense of home. Belonging for me is a choice, a choice of you and me. My sense of belonging is not complete without a feeling, without the conviction that you belong to me.

Theme: By One Body: Sense of Belonging

Speaker: Bro Dom Soriano

Summarized by: Bible Education Center - CDO

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