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The Healing of the Legion

Bro Noli Lagasca

Jesus Talking with the Gerasene Demoniac:

( Jesus went to the country of Gerasa next to Lake of Galilee. He met a man full of evil spirits.)

Legion’s Behavior: 1. Lived among tombs (graveyard) 2. He was bound with shackless and chains. He pulled the chains and broke the shackless in pieces. 3. He ran and screamed day and night through the hills. 4. He cut himself with stones. 5. He was naked

In this way the ultimate conquest over sin and death will occur with our physical redemption of the body, following the removal of the defilement of sin in the flesh.

“Demoniac” suffered from:

a. Blindness, dumbness (Matt 12:22; Lk 11:14)

b. Insanity; schizophrenia (Mk 3:21 ; 5:1-5)

c. Epilepsy (Mk 9:17-27)

d. Arthritis (Lk 13:11-17)

Mk 5 has three similar incidents as the recipients of Christ’s healing miracles are taught lessons:

1. “Legion” who desires to accompany Christ (v18) told instead to stay behind and preach (v19)

2. The woman with an issue of blood, who desires anonymity is brought into the public views. (v33)

3. And the ruler of the synagogue, who desires notoriety, is told to remain silent for the present.

The Unifying Lesson:

1. We must each learn to control our natural tendencies, and to serve in the capacities required by our Lord, although such may “go against the grain”.

2. Legion, another “storm” to be stilled (cp Mk 4:37-41)

3. First, the storm at sea (Psa 107:23-31); then the “storm” in the mind of legion.

4. He who can calm the one can calm the other! The “troubled sea” of Isaiah 57:20 and Rev 13:1 becomes the “sea of glass” in Rev 4:6; 15:2; 21:18

5. The psalms portray God who can calm the storms, of the nations

In Mk 5:4 
 “No one was strong enough to subdue him: insane man are known sometimes to have superhuman strength. In the East, they inhabit cemeteries.

And went into the pigs: Possible, “the unclean spirits attacked the swine”. Perhaps the man himself rushed into the herd, stampeding them over the cliff, while at that very moment being himself of his illness. This seems to be the most natural explanation of the event.

Mk 5:17

“Pigs” meant more to them than salvation! They could see only what they lose (the pigs), not what they might gain (healing, salvation).

Jesus does not argue. He simply leaves.

Mk 5:18

“Begged to go with him: And he did! He went with Christ when he went to tell others of what Christ had done for him.

Mk 5:19

1. The lunatic, who desired to accompany Christ (v18), is told to stay behind and preach (v19)

Lesson: We must learn to control natural tendencies, serve in the capacity we are commanded, although this goes “against the grain”.

Mk 5:20; Mk 4:41

“Began to tell… How much Jesus had done for him: “what manner of man is this?”


Theme: The Healing of the Legion

Speaker: Bro Noli Lagasca

Summarized by: Bible Education Center - CDO

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