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Today's Readings: 2 Samuel 10 | Jeremiah 14 | Matthew 25

Other comments on this day's readings can be found here.

Reading 1 - 2Samuel 10

In 2Sa 8 and 10, David's victories over the seven surrounding kingdoms (Zobah, Philistia, Moab, Syria, Edom, Ammon, Amalek) secure his own kingdom. In this they may be compared to the seven thunders of the Apocalypse -- in which Christ's kingdom subjugates the whole earth (Rev 10:3):

  • David first cleared Zion of enemies;

  • then he brought "ark" to Zion (in Last Days terms, this may signify the glorified saints being established in Jerusalem); and

  • finally, the seven campaigns extend and secure the kingdom.

Reading 2 - Jeremiah 14

"Jer 14 records events probably occurring in Jehoahaz's time, or early in Jehoiakim's reign. The prophet spoke of drought in the reign of Josiah (Jer 12:4). He here predicts it will reach serious proportions. Deuteronomy predicts drought followed by captivity (Deu 28:23-25). Jeremiah warns of the fulfilment despite the opposition of the false prophets (v 13) for the people had broken the divine covenant (Jer 11).

"Jer 14; 15 concerns the drastic drought being experienced, and outlines:

(1) Conditions in the Land: vv 1-6.

(2) Jeremiah's prayer for relief: vv 7-9.

(3) Yahweh's Answer: Pray not for them: vv 10-12.

(4) Dire punishment for the false prophets: vv 13-16.

(5) A graphic description of coming judgment: vv 17,18.

(6) Further pleading with Jeremiah: vv 19-22.

"Shocked by the picture thus presented the prophet attempts to intercede for the people pleading with Yahweh for a way of escape. Sadly, the conditions of drought are evidenced today. Not a drought from water, but from the word of Yahweh. For this reason we are on the eve of the greatest moment in history: the appearance of the Monarch who will restore the glory of Eden" (GE Mansfield).

Reading 3 - Matthew 25:6

"At midnight the cry rang out: 'Here's the bridegroom! Come out to meet him' " (Mat 25:6).

"Hark! a cry is made, what means that sound I hear?

Quickly again 'tis echoed upon my listening ear:

'The Bridegroom comes!' Oh Joyful! Is he come at last?

Is the morning truly here? Is the night for ever past?

Shall we now be ever with him? Shall he raise us to his throne?

Shall he change these mortal bodies: Make them like unto his own?

Shall we see his glorious presence? Hear his greatly longed-for voice?

Oh, quickly spread the tidings! Let all his saints rejoice!

Yes, the groaning of his people he hath heard from ev'ry land,

And now he comes to free them, in power to make them stand.

They that with him have borne his cross, shall share with him his crown.

For now he'll reign whose right it is, the ancient thrones cast down.

The Bridegroom near approaches; he's even at the door:

Haste, let your glad hosannahs our glorious Head adore.

The time long promised has arrived, when earth again shall bloom,

Again shall yield her richest fruits: again for joy make room.

Lo! art thou he we long have loved, though ne'er till now have seen?

Thy love to us, most wonderful, the source of ours has been.

How gloriously fair thou art! Thy beauty all divine!

Can it be so, that such as we, made like to thee, shall shine?

Oh, had we known but half thy worth, but half thy beauty seen,

The treasures of thy love and power had oftener been our theme,

Whilst travelling through the wilderness: thou say'st we've borne for thee;

Ah! thou did'st suffer for us, even death upon the tree.

We've sojourned long as strangers within a foreign land;

The world around disowned us, by thee we took our stand.

They know not thee, they knew not us and no abiding place

We knew, but this we knew, that soon we'd see thee face to face.

And now thou art come to us, how greatly we rejoice!

Like those of old, we now can say, we hear the Bridegroom's voice.

Throughout the world the cry shall run, with gladness all shall fill:

'Glory to God! and peace on earth, towards mankind goodwill!' "

(Jane Roberts)