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Today's Readings: 2 Samuel 4 | Jeremiah 10 | Matthew 21

Other comments on this day's readings can be found here.

Reading 1 - 2Samuel 4:9

"The LORD lives,who has delivered me out of all trouble" (2Sa 4:9).

God had always delivered David; he did not need the help of wicked men (like Recab and Baanah, who assassinated Ishbosheth, thinking it would please David).

"The more things collapse around us, and in our affairs, the more important closeness to God is, and the more important it is realized to be, if we are of the right mind. This is the blessing of adversity. This is why Paul 'rejoiced in sufferings' [Rom 5:3] and James 'counted it all joy when he fell into divers temptations' [Jam 1:2]" (GV Growcott).

Reading 2 - Jeremiah 10

Jer 10 portrays the great controversy: Idols versus Yahweh.

"The 'portion' of Jacob (Jer 10:12,13,16) is the inheritance of the fathers. The word 'cheleq' signifies 'to apportion; separate' and comes from a root signifying 'to be smooth', which evidently relates to the stones of judgment. Yahweh has judged Jacob faithful, elevated his name to Israel, and has determined his future. The seed of Jacob rest in the divine protection, for Yahweh judges against the enemies of Israel for the fathers' sakes. The evidence of this is seen in 'th