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Visiting Bohol and CebuEcclesias

January 2023


After 4 years, I finally returned to see our beloved Brothers in Argao, Cebu Ecclesia. What a fantastic way to start the year 2023 and to see them after 2019. After the Super Typhoon struck the provinces, I visited Cebu and Bohol at the time. Several areas of the province looked like a war zone with their destroyed homes, uprooted trees, and downed power lines. Over the years, a lot of things have changed, including homes, roads, new faces, children who are now young adults, some who have passed away, and others who have been born, and most of the things I see have changed. However, one thing has remained the same: “BROTHERLY LOVE”.

The most challenging part of this visit is the weather, the whole Visayas and Mindanao have been suffering a low pressure called "AMIHAN". But God provided us with one full day of sunshine during our four-day visit to Cebu. The timing is perfect, the word of God must be delivered, and LET THE BROTHERLY LOVE CONTINUE. I remembered Paul's missionary journey, where God used the weather to allow Paul to preach the Gospel to the Barbarians. What a wonderful thing to think about. Our trip includes house-to-house visits, Bible study at Sister Conchita's house, Bible study at Ecclesial Hall, and a short visit to the mountainous area of Cebu where we were able to have Bible study with the brothers and sisters there.

The best part of this visit is how we demonstrate our affection for one another by sharing the gospel. We have a Bible Study on practical lessons that are suited to our brothers and sisters conditions and needs. One of them is the passage from the Book of Lamentation 5 that asks God to "REMEMBER ME O GOD." We also had a Bible study in the Ecclesial Hall with the theme "THE BALAAM DOCTRINE," and everyone realized that following God with words from our mouths is not enough; it must also be in our hearts.


I visited the Bohol Ecclesia on several occasions from October to January 2023. The Ecclesia has recently faced difficult life challenges as a result of earthquakes and typhoons, which have affected their way of life, finances, mental health, and spirituality. Despite these challenges, members of the Ecclesia remain steadfast in their faith thanks to the assistance and inspiration provided by Bible Education Center (BEC Philippines) and our brethren from other countries. To support our brothers in growing in the truth, the BEC helped them purchase a farm lot where a new Ecclesial Hall building will soon be constructed. The New Hall that will be built will be a great way to spread the word of God and let everyone know that Christadelphians exist in Ubay, Bohol. Additionally, it will increase the number of students attending our Sunday school, as there is currently nothing for them to have their Sunday School

Bohol Ecclesia currently has two locations where they hold Mass, one in Ubay, Bohol, and the other in Candijay, Bohol (my wife's hometown). For their memorial meetings, our brethren from Ubay will travel to Candijay twice a month, during the first and last weeks of the month, based on their schedule. It was great to meet Bro. Jeremy Ross and Sis.Michelle Ross from Australia during our visit because they were also visiting their family in Bohol. We gather to share God's word through Bible readings and memorial services. They are currently holding their meeting in their house. We hope that the Ecclesial Hall will be built soon as we await the Lord's return.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

It was a great honor for me and my family to return to the Ecclesia, which once taught me how to stand firm in the truth despite our difficulties and trials in life. Our visit never ends as we merely preach God's word, but we also learn from them as we observe the joy and happiness on their faces in the midst of hardship. On behalf of my family, I would like to express our gratitude to all of the friends, families, and fellow believers who have welcomed us into your beautiful ecclesia. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to all of you for spending time with us, accommodating us, and sharing the word of God, which strengthens our faith as we await the soon return of our Master, Jesus Christ.

The visit would not be possible without the spiritual and financial assistance of our brothers and sisters. Our Brethren who share their love, effort, and time for their brothers and sisters can transform a lot of things not only in them but also in us. Our appreciation for the BEC team's assistance in supporting our travels and activities will always be appreciated.

Loving fraternal regards,

Bro. Michael

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January Bro. Michael Visit (Bohol and Cebu)
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